Need help setting up your email? No problem!  

1. You'll need your email address and password. If you've misplaced your password, no problem! Just go here to reset it.

2. Go to our Email Walk-through Tutorial.

3. Login using your email address and password. 

4. Choose the device that you want to set up (Outlook, MacMail, iPhone, Android, etc.) and find your specific device if you can. If your specific device isn't listed, choose the closest match you can find.

5. Follow the instructions on your screen and you should be able to get your device set up.

6. If you have any trouble with that, submit a ticket and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

For iPhone Users:

Under Outgoing Server information, it may indicate that username and password are optional. They are not. You must re-enter them in the Outgoing Server fields.