At Cybernautic Support, we're glad to help you with all of your support related needs, no matter the urgency or relative unimportance of the issue you're experiencing. There's no question that's too silly to ask. 

When you create a ticket:

  • A team member will view it and will shoot you back a response as quickly as possible to let you know that we received the ticket. 
  • The appropriate team member will look into your issue or question and update you when we have more information. 
  • We may contact you to ask for further details (please see our FAQ about how to quickly get ticket resolution in order to provide us as much information as possible) or ask clarifying questions.

Tracking and Responses:

  • All of our responses will be emailed to you. 
  • If you wish to be able to login to the support center to check the status of a ticket, just remember to sign up when you create your ticket, and you'll be able to track any ticket that you have with us. 
  • This will also allow you to track future tickets.

In general, you'll use the support center for the following types of queries:

  • Something isn't working like I expected
  • I'm having trouble making changes to my site
  • I'm not receiving contact forms or emails from the website
  • I'm having trouble with my Cybernautic hosted email
  • My site or email service has been interrupted
  • I have a DNS related change or I'm working with an internal IT provider and need help

In general, you will NOT use the support center for the following queries:

  • I have a billing related question
  • I want to cancel service
  • I want to add more services
  • I want to make significant changes to my website
  • I want to update contact info in your system or with my strategist
  • I have a question about SEO or web marketing

These types of questions will usually be answered by our billing department (, your project manager, or your web strategist. You can feel free to email or phone them for further instructions or to have a dialogue with them directly.